This is a rough draft and needs some serious work. Still, I ‘ve been talking about this darn thing for so long that I thought I would throw caution to the wind and post my prologue. It’s only half a page and if I’m honest, it’s not represeentative of the best parts of my work, but it is the beginning and I think it will give you an idea of where I’m headed. Thanks for reading!


 So there I stood, on the boardwalk, facing the Atlantic with my back against the recently refurbished building that once housed Pop’s Place, feeling like a complete and utter ass. I was a thirty-seven year old mother for god’s sake, what business did I have acting like an eighteen year old? What part of my brain thought it would be absolutely brilliant to go out and claim some last vestige of youth? Is that what this really was? Who could say? Probably not. But then again, maybe? After fifteen years, how could it be anything more? Nevertheless here I stood rooted to the spot where it all began. Well, not precisely where it all began. That was farther down a bit at the end of the pier where the boardwalk meets the channel. It was raining that evening as well. I had never been kissed in the rain before, never again since for that matter. Yet the rain combined with the sounds of the ocean, imbued the kiss with a surreal almost magical kind of quality, like something you only find in books and movies and quite honestly fantasies. 

“Shut up, Jen, let’s get back to reality,” I muttered under my breath as I shifted nervously and glanced down at the weather beaten boards under my feet.

And then as I lifted my head, I knew the time for turning back had passed. There on the other side of the beach, as if walking directly out of the surf, he was approaching. This time I would not cry.


About Nicole

I am the mother of two wonderful children and daring to chase the dream of writing my first novel.
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9 Responses to Prologue

  1. marlo says:

    I love it!!!! Can’t wait to read more…

  2. Liz says:

    this is wonderful, I could see her, even smell the salty air! I want more!!!!

  3. oooh, this really makes me want more! I love, admire that you are for putting yourself out there…here. I know you must feel like you are standing naked in an intersection, but your fans love you for it!

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